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As a response to the current economic conditions and multiple requests from our clients HRTP has created a fixed consulting product that addresses the real risk in the HR Technology marketplace. The HRMS Headstart Program was created to give executives and stakeholders security and external justification in knowing they are spending scarce resources on a project that will be successful and deliver the desired results.

A mid-market company can now afford the type of expertise found in much larger organizations by "renting" HRTP as their in-house expert as they navigate the confusing marketplace for Talent Management, Recruiting, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and HRMS Solutions....more info

Unlike many companies we do not sell your information to vendors when you are comparing HRIS. Any requests for information are kept private and not sold to vendors.

HRIS Consulting saHRMS HRIS Selection Consulting & Project Management
Cut your evaluation time in half while ensuring you choose the right HR software product. We'll give you impartial HR software selection advice and assistance with specifying, selecting, funding and implementing the right HRMS solution for your needs
HR Software saHRMS Solutions
Discover how automating your business processes will save you time; learn which business processes you can automate within your organization and how to identify the right HR Software for your organization's needs
Time and Attendance Time and Attendance
Reduce the time needed to prepare your time sheets for payroll, improve your workforce management, minimizes errors, and track and manage labor expenses with time and attendance software and consulting services from HR Technology Partners.
Payroll saPayroll Software or Services
Get the functionality you need to tackle even the most challenging HR issues. Our market-leading human resource management systems (HRMS) offers employee self-service, recruiting, automated alerts notifications as well as training and benefits administration.
ASP/Hosted Solutions saSaaS (Software as a Service) HRMS and Time & Attendance Solutions
If you don't want to run or purchase software and would like to rent, subscribe, or host a solution we have what you need. We have hosted or SaaS versions of Human Resources, Payroll, Time and Recruiting. We will also explain the difference in what each vendor offers as this market is very complex and ever changing.

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This guide offers helpful information about how to save time and eliminate mistakes while selecting your HRMS Solutions.

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Planning Guide

FREE 2013 HRMS Guide

Free Sample RFP

FREE 2013 Sample RFP

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HRMS Planning Guide
Download your free copy of our 2013 HRMS Planning Guide with helpful information about how to save time and eliminate mistakes while selecting your HRMS solution.

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