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InfinityHR HRMS

Human Resources Management Solution (SaaS)
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InfinityHR is the industry-leading integrated software solution for human resources.


Our service bureau or Benefits Brokerage needs a better HRIS and/or Time and Attendance offering for our clients that provides selectable functionality at a price point that allows us to be very competitive in the marketplace to win and retain customers. We are not interested in expensive upfront costs for ourselves or our clients for licensing, implementation and support. A SaaS delivery model would work well for us.

OR for the end user customer...

Our organization needs a more capable and flexible HRIS to manage our HR related activities but we are happy with our current payroll / accounting platform and don’t need that functionality from our HR vendor.  A SaaS model is appealing to us so we can keep upfront costs down and limit our internal IT infrastructure costs as well.


InfinityHR represents the marriage of technological expertise and years of benefits administration experience, providing our clients with a better solution for benefits enrollment and benefits administration at an extremely competitive price. InfinityHR is the flagship product of Infinity Software Solutions, Inc. demonstrating the company’s ability to combine business know-how and technology into the best software tools currently on the market. 

InfinityHR is designed for businesses of all sizes to manage, maintain, communicate and automate employee and company-wide enrollment and benefits information. While other systems exist in the marketplace for attacking individual HR needs, no other product on the market today provides end-to-end automation like InfinityHR. This powerful solution provides self-service Employee Enrollment, Time Reporting, Employee Survey’s and on-going benefits administration functionality in a completely integrated and secured web-based environment. This includes interfacing capability for both Payroll and Insurance Carrier systems.

InfinityHR is a powerful Internet based Human Resource Management System that provides for extensive automation of all HR-related activities. InfinityHR is the most complete and most affordable solution on the market today and is available in two versions: Professional and Premium. 

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Benefits Management
  • Direct exports to Carriers
  • Direct export to Payroll
  • Employee Portal
  • Online Enrollments and Qualified Events
  • Employee Skills Tracking
  • Personalized Total Compensation Statements
  • Performance Reviews
  • Time and Attendance
  • Time Off Tracking
  • Advance Drag-n-Drop Reporting
  • Process/Workflow Management
  • Wellness Tracking
  • COBRA Management
  • Employee Surveys


Delivering the high levels of security, reliability, and availability that our customers demand requires not only great technology but also great operational processes. Infinity Software Solutions understands this, which is why our Security Infrastructure is built upon years of Industry Software Experience in the Healthcare and Insurance Industries along with proven Best Practices for managing the processes that surround it. 

Major features

  • Employee portal: makes it convenient for our employees to manage their benefits and other

HR-related information in real time through one central web-based system that they can access
from anywhere.

  • Benefits management: allows employees to enroll online providing a benefits summary

statement. Human Resources can manage benefits enrollment approvals and premium
reconciliation. Automatically exports benefits data to carriers, and sends benefits deductions to
your payroll system.

  • Time off tracking: employees can see time off balances and easily make time off requests from

the system. Requests are routed to the appropriate managers for approval.

  • Time and attendance tracking: mix and match time collection methods, from computer to time clock to kiosk. System easily exports time and attendance data to your payroll system.
  • Applicant tracking: provides applicants a professional looking site to search and apply for jobs. Lets HR view and compare applicant profiles according to job requisition and then track
    interviews and applicant status from start to finish.
  • Performance management: lets you easily complete employee reviews, managerial reviews and 360 degree reviews. Completely automates the review process, assigns goals and measures
    progress towards goal completion.
  • Employee surveys: makes it easy for you to conduct an unlimited number of employee surveys.
  • Wellness tracking: permits you to create programs that monitor employee nutrition, exerciseand health.
  • Workflow management: efficiently track and manage workflows and their associated tasks. Lets you define the workflows and assign those tasks to appropriate employees. Includes a
    dashboard that allows you to conveniently analyze workflows.
  • Advanced reporting: access to a library of standard reports that makes it easy to analyze information from within the system. Reports can be exported to a variety of common formats,
    including Microsoft Excel. This solution is compatible with Dell enterprise systems and thin client systems.

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