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Should we replace Abra HR and/or Abra Payroll?

Human Resources Management Solution Consulting
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Abra Suite is often "outgrown" by organizations it has served for a number of years. Many of these growing companies have reached out to HRTP to come in and do a short assessment of whether Abra can be "fixed" or augmented with other modules or replaced all together. Since we are not a direct reseller we have no motivation other than in serving our clients with the solution they need based on their budget and expectations.

We can also help our customer by helping them select the appropriate vendor for the support of the Abra application. The Abra business partner is not motivated to explore solutions outside of what they offer. There is a whole world out there of possibilites just ask us...

We would also be happy to let you talk to customers that have both chosen to take our advice and stay with Abra with some "fixes" and some that have chosen to take our advice and make the jump to a more sophistacated or comprehensive solution that fits what they are today (and where they are going)...

  1. Abra HR - Click here to download the Abra HR Fact Sheet
  2. Abra Payroll - Click here to download the Abra Payroll Fact Sheet

In addition to these essential software solutions, Abra Suite offers a number of add on modules to help companies understand and fully utilize their workforce’s collective skills, talents, and experiences. Click the module to download a fact sheet

There are two more tools that can help with a preliminary look at Abra and they are listed below. The easiest way to get a good look at any Abra HR component is to call us at 800-327-5888 and ask for a demo.


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