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You need to automate and streamline your time and attendance processes in your medium to larger sized business. Paper based processes are eating up valuable time and are error prone. Your organization may have complicated pay rules and you need to enhance your labor management processes and require a more capable solution than basic T&A systems typically offer. This solution is a fantastic option for a legacy Kronos replacement or replacement of lower end antiquated systems.

Solution: Attendance Enterprise

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 Attendance Enterprise

Attendance Enterprise is a web-based, fully scalable labor distribution solution based on Microsoft® SQL server that provides the power and flexibility to meet the needs of diverse organizations and employee groups, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite.


Key Features

  • Attendance Enterprise will help you capture all time related events and provide additional benefits such as:

      • Precise tracking, managing and reporting of incremental time on projects, grants, clients, division, department, location, and other workgroups
      • Effective scheduling and employee headcount tracking
      • Arrival and departure from work monitoring
      • Transfers between departments, jobs, locations, cost centers, etc.
      • Accurately apply overtime rules, pay premium, shift differentials, etc.
      • Applying pay rules consistently across you entire workforce
      • Ensure government compliance
      • Support real time labor management decision making for past, present and future time frames
      • Reduce overall payroll cost through accurate and efficient processes
      • Assists in the administration of benefits such as accrued time for vacation, sick and holiday/personal time
      • Comprehensive Leave Management tools for requests and approval processes.
      • Attendance policy automation, tracking and reporting
      • Calculate and apply complex Benefit Accruals to ensure proper balances, usages, and projected balances.
      • Integration with payroll, HR and accounting systems. Attendance Enterprise can also utilize MS SQL integration tools, dBASE® III and .CSV ASCII export files to ensure that the ability to interface with nearly any popular software application is easily achieved.


      A Custom Fit

      • Attendance Enterprise 2.0 fits any size organization—purchase the user accounts and number of employees your company needs. Attendance Enterprise 2.0 scales to accommodate the size of your workforce.


    About InfoTronics
    Attendance Enterprise is a leading employee time-tracking solution based on over 30 years of expertise delivering advanced time and attendance solutions to over 20,000 organizations The InfoTronics team has developed innovative, state-of-the-art time and attendance software and data collection devices since 1979, and leads the industry with browser-based products.


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