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The Leading HR and Payroll ASP/Hosted Software Solutions

With low up front costs and very little IT involvement ASP/On-Demand/Subscription HRIS and Time Systems these solutions are an important option for those organizations that need them...

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Are you evaluating HR Software for your organization?

HRTP represents the leading HR & Payroll Software as a Service (SaaS) solutionss on the market today. We have been able to help companies select, purchase & implement the right solution based on a company’s requirements, budget and culture.

HRTP can help you select and integrate the right HR Software for:

  • Reducing time preparing time sheets
  • Improving your workforce management
  • Minimizing payroll and benefit errors
  • Tracking and managing labor expense

Providing the leading SaaS / On-Demand solutions available today:


Mangrove HRMS On Demand Subscription
Mangrove HRMS is a human resources management system (HRMS) for small to mid-sized organizations. The software builds on the latest technologies from Microsoft for easy integration with the tools HR departments use on a day-to-day basis. Mangrove delivers comprehensive and paperless HR , Payroll and benefits management and integrates with other key technologies and services within your environment.

iVantage SaaS
iVantage is a comprehensive, web native Human Resource Information System. Within the base product you will find everything you need to track your employees from the application process through to retirement, including requisition management, automated work-flow, benefit administration, performance management, succession planning, applicant self-service and the most flexible reporting tools embedded into an HRIS. All this functionality is available through a familiar, easy to use web browser deployed on a Microsoft platform.

TimeStar SaaS
Galaxy Technologies is a leading provider of Labor Management Software including Time & Attendance Tracking software, Employee Time Tracking, Abra Payroll Software, Abra Human Resource Software, and Timeclock Systems.

Employee Based Systems
Employee Based Systems (EBS) is a group of human resource/payroll specialists and software developers committed to provide exceptional service, support and systems to increase the efficiency of the payroll process. EBS specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for your Time & Labor Management and provides integrated HR solutions including complete access to critical employee data, and business intelligence tools for executive decision making.

Cyber Recruiter On-Demand
Cyber Recruiter is a 100% web-based recruiting solution for organizations in any industry. More than just a database for tracking information, Cyber Recruiter is built with the entire recruiting process in mind. The developers of Cyber Recruiter recognize that the two most important aspects of recruiting are efficiency and communication and they have designed a system to make both easier.

Cyber Recruiter makes importing and sifting through the endless stream of resumes that you receive faster and easier. Next, Cyber Recruiter will read your resumes for you, find the pertinent skills of each candidate, and even automatically associate candidates with any open positions for which they are qualified. Once your open positions are defined and your resumes are imported, Cyber Recruiter facilitates communication between your recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants in a logical, effective manner, allowing you to find, contact, and cultivate the best fit for open requisitions.

Perfect Software Payroll & HR
GNSA combines its high touch service with Ultimate Software’s award winning Ulitipro Payroll HRMS.  This partnership delivers the industry’s best product to companies who are looking for a provider that they can walk through the implementation process with.

Perfect Software Payroll & HR
Mpay or Millenium Payroll Software offers an on-demoand payroll engine to your fingertips over the web. As the leading independent Payroll provider Millenium is able to deliver unique value at a lower cost than ADP or Ceridian.

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