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  Celayix offers time and attendance and three innovative scheduling solutions that have proven capable of saving almost any organization significant Time and Money.  At Celayix, we think time and attendance is great. We just think it’s only the beginning.   Our goal is to help organizations WORK SMARTER by leveraging the entire workforce management process from start to finish, including Workforce Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Self-Service!


  1. Time and Attendance – Consolidate time and attendance information from multiple sources into a central database.  Use Celayix's bill/pay engine to automatically apply your business rules to calculate gross payroll, billing and profitability numbers. Use the Celayix data exchange methods to transfer data into your payroll and accounting software.
  2. Rules Based Scheduling – Build an interactive visual model of your workforce deployment and eliminate problems before they occur.  Schedule employees based on skills/qualifications, restrictions, seniority, experience, least cost, no overtime and more.   
  3. Collaborative Scheduling – Work collaboratively with your employees to eliminate communication issues.  Increase operational efficiency with convenient employee self-service anytime from anywhere including availability and time-off collection, schedule publishing and shift confirmations.
  4. Self-Scheduling – Define your business rules, input your requirements and empower your employees to schedule themselves.

The Benefits We Provide?

Reduce payroll costs!
Eliminate inaccurate and time consuming employee timesheets by capturing attendance in real time via the telephone, web, biometric hand readers, and time clocks. With one-time data entry you’ll increase payroll accuracy, eliminate time re-keying data and shorten the billing cycle.   Save money by reassigning redundant employees and / or eliminate expensive outside contractors. 

Eliminate unnecessary overtime!
All Celayix workflows are designed to highlight and eliminate overtime.  By establishing your overtime rules you can ensure that only people who do not create overtime are scheduled.  The same rules are used when employees self-schedule, making it impossible for them to create overtime.

Increase productivity!
Whether it’s freeing up resources in the payroll department with Time and Attendance, reducing the time it takes to schedule with Rules Based Scheduling, or eliminating the time supervisors spend dealing with scheduling issues with Collaborative Scheduling, Celayix Software will help increase your employee to supervisor ratio – a key indicator of productivity.  Self-Scheduling has proven capable of reducing scheduling and direct employee communication by up to 95% and increase supervisor productivity by as much as 300%.

    • Time and Attendance
    • Advanced Scheduling including these features and more:

    • Auto Scheduling - Automatically assign employees based on preventing overtime, availability, lowest costs, seniority, employee qualifications, job restrictions  and more with user defined business rules.
    • Sophisticated View and Filters – Let managers and schedulers view the data they need to see in the format that makes the most sense to them.
    • Bulk  Edits – Change multiple parameters of a single shift or thousands of shifts with a click of the mouse
    • Over 100 built-in reports – gain an insight into not just the past but also the future with advanced job costing capabilities.
    • Data Exchange – Easily exchange data with other applications using manual or automatic imports/exports or use Web Services for sophisticated integration.
    • Employee Self Service via the web or telephone including:
      Easy availability collection, schedule publishing, shift confirmation, checking-in and checking out, management alerts, time off requests, managing contact information and more!


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