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HRIS Consulting
Whether you are looking for someone to talk to your HRIS/HRMS customers or partners you can find the expertise at HRTP with the Founder of the company and Industry analyst, Todd Asevedo, SPHR (former CPP too)

"It is rare to find someone with the technology experience and the HR content experience to keep an HR audience interested in the HRIS subject matter for more than 15 minutes" -- Sue Daily, Huntington National Bank

What kind of Speaking projects does HRTP work on with clients?

  • You are a company that sells to the HR deptarment (Benefits broker, Payroll service bureau)
  • You are a company that serves the HR industry and you are having a customer meeting/event
  • You are an association of HR professioanals and you are wanting to learn more about HR Technology
  • You are in an academic settnig and you would like a guest lecturer regarding HR Automation/Technology/Technology Stategy


Here is a small example of what our clients tell us "Makes all the difference" in asking for help with HR Technology or Solution Consulting:

Evaluation Criteria

The value of the above chart is in the fact that most of the "failed" selections of the past used cost and functionality as up to 90% of the evaluation criteria for an HR automation process. This leaves out some of the most long term success factors from the process. This is a small sample of how we insure your HRIS Strategy is easy to understand and reduces risk to the organization and the project team.


Sample Selection Engagement Scope of Work (SOW)

Engagement & Project Charter
HRTP’s experienced management team and/or senior consultants will conduct, facilitate or create::

  • Project Kick-off
  • Process Optimization Review, Requirements and Documentation
  • Evaluate Current Process Review: Fact Finding / Interview Sessions
  • Assessment of “Current” State: Identify and Validate Project Requirements
  • Assessment of desired "Future" State: where to we want to go (weigh and validate project needs and wants)

Solution Selection / RFP

Before you start implementing a new system, HRTP recommends that you take the time to define and document your current processes. This will pay huge dividends when you attempt to configure your processes in the new system and make changes, as required, to take advantage of the new system’s capabilities. You need to avoid the temptation to just quickly configure the system to match your current processes. The most successful implementations take the time to review current processes, industry best practices and the capabilities of the new system. In this phase we can assist you with the following:

  • RFI/RFP Creation
  • Identify and Qualify Vendors
  • Review, Assess and Score RFP and Vendor Responses
  • Create a market assessment of available technology within Budget
  • Create Short list and Presentation Criteria
  • Facilitate Presentations

Change Management & Implementation
HRTP’s senior consultants bring a unique combination of experience to assist our clients in evaluating and selecting the right human capital management software solutions. We also have extensive experience working for HR software vendors in senior-level product development, professional services and management roles. Having worked on the vendor side of the evaluation, we know what needs to be done to effectively evaluate potential solutions and negotiate a “win/win” agreement for both parties. We can assist your evaluation and selection team with the following:

  • Creation of the Statement of Work that will guide the implementation
    Help with Negotiation and Pricing of selected vendor
  • Establish Shared Language and Frame of Reference Regarding Communication (escalation processes)
  • Develop Roll Out plan
  • Enhance Project Team’s Ability to Respond to Behaviors with A New System
  • Project Management to supplement a client's staff through the implementation and go live

Please contact us to see how affordable our services are. Remember, our services are designed for the 150-2000 employee organization.

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