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iVantage HRIS Software or Subscription (now known as Epicor HRMS)

Human Resources Management Solution
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iVantage HRMS Software imageiVantage 4.0 is a comprehensive, web native Human Resource Management solution (HRMS) that integrates into many of the leading payroll processing packages and services. Please send an email to spectrum@hrtechpartners.com and we will send you a complete overview of the solution. If you would like an estimate on cost of the solution please include that with your company name and number of employees.

Ivantage's creator, founded in 1984, is an exclusive provider of software solutions for HR management. In addition to its best-in-class products, they provide a full range of support services including system planning and implementation, extensive training, system customization, data conversion and data transfer, and system consulting. Having been purchased by Epicor Software in early 2011 the product is getting more advanced and easy to use than ever.

Designed from the beginning to be fully web operational, iVantage utilizes the latest Microsoft technology to bring you an IT friendly robust HRIS platform.

You can truly be anywhere - at work, at home or on the road - as long as you have access to the internet, you can accomplish all of your HR tasks.

iVantage exploits the powerful features and capabilities of Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2005 while offering full core HR functionality, including absence tracking, salary planning, compensation management, benefits administration, government compliance, applicant tracking, OSHA and more.

iVantage offers high-end decision support tools needed by sophisticated HR departments. Besides the extensive library of predefined standard reports, custom reporting can be accomplished using English Query, third-party tools and Microsoft SQL Analysis Services.

The Analysis Services component enables users to perform sophisticated analyses on large volumes of data. With the ability to customize iVantage, organizations now have the flexibility necessary to meet unique data needs. Use iVantage as a traditional self-hosted application or through Spectrum’s Remote Managed Hosting or Subscription services.

iVantage Features & Modules:

iVantage HRIS - provides the essential tools your HR department needs to maintain and track data on your employees from application through retirement.

iVantage Applicant and Requisition Management - streamlines the application process allowing applicants to post their resumes and fill out application on-line whether it is for an open requisition or unsolicited submittal.

iVantage Performance Management - tracks and monitors employee goals, credentials and competencies. The review process is simple, paper free and efficient.

iVantage Training and Development enables you to establish and manage skill and competency based training and development programs, including administrative functions, need identification, registration, and scheduling.

iVantage Position Control and Budgeting - a sophisticated tool that provides a framework for staff planning, HR development, budgetary controls and monitoring functions. iVantage Connect provides your organization with role-based self-service capabilities, which enable users to perform their own HR tasks, including paperless benefit open enrollment and the ability to review and update a variety of personal information. In addition, iVantage Connect is an anywhere, anytime communication and transaction processing tool that will move a company's HR department towards a paperless environment.

iVantage Succession Planning – delivers a comprehensive solution for planning your company’s strategic growth and helps employees understand their career options and opportunities.

iVantage Timesheets is a simple solution to keep track of employee time. You can set-up this module to track time either by hour, start-stop, or clock-in/clock-out. Once the information is submitted, the system routes the timesheet through the proper approval channels and then on to payroll for further processing.

iVantage Comp & Salary Survey - offers the ability to monitor, analyze and forecast the competitive level of a company's salary ranges and individual salary levels to other comparable organizations. Allows raw salary survey data to be entered into the iVantage system, and provides tools with which you can adjust the data into a “good fit” for your organization for future analysis.

iVantage Link - allows a one-way interface from iVantage to your payroll service bureau or in-house software, eliminating data entry and creating a single "system of record" for compliance.

iVantage International - provides the capabilities to track, administer, report and analyze employee information in multiple countries or a country by country. Includes functionality for localization of demographics and currency and allows global currency reporting.

iVantage ASP - Epicor offers iVantage Subscription. For a Per Employee Per Month fee, clients can rent a full web-based system that Epicor's experienced IT staff maintains. iVantage Subscription offers full HR functionality that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using a Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and an internet connection.

Reporting and Analysis:

iVantage® gives you a choice of high-end decision support tools. With over 100 standard reports, you will find that most of your reporting needs are already met by iVantage. You can use the standard reports as is, or modify them to better meet your business needs. Some of the reports include:

  • Benefit statements
  • Personnel action notices
  • EEO reports and graphs
  • COBRA/HIPAA compliance reports
  • Employee performance reports
  • Employee profiles
  • Benefits eligibility notices
  • Employee/applicant skill searches
  • OSHA reports
  • Absence reports
  • History reports
  • Termination analysis

If the report you need is not included, you have several options. One option is using iVantage Query to get the information, where getting information is as easy as asking a question. No programming knowledge is required. If you type "Show me the hourly employees in St. Louis who are over the age of 30," your data appears instantly!

Or you can use Analysis Services, also incorporated into iVantage. Analysis Services is a new online analytical processing tool that works like a pivot table. For example, if you want to compare the salaries and number of hourly employees in St. Louis to those in Denver, you can input your criteria and Analysis Services will provide you with the information.

With the integration of Crystal Ad-Hoc, creating reports over the Internet is another option. This powerful tool utilizes pre-existing Super queries to allow users to easily create reports without knowledge of Crystal Reports®.

If you are more comfortable working with desktop tools, exporting data to Microsoft® Word, Excel, or Access is as easy as pushing a button. Tight integration with Microsoft Office provides data accessibility between iVantage and these desktop productivity tools.

Microsoft Office provides data accessibility between iVantage and these desktop productivity tools.

iVantage also includes the integration of SQL Reporting tools. Create new and modify current reports over the Internet from your iVantage system using a simple wizard. Additionally, add those reports to the iVantage menu for any or all user roles to see.

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