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The PerfectSoftware Human Resource software module is designed to help companies in any industry, or any size, bring the challenging task of HR record keeping and government reporting under control. Extensive information is available at your fingertips through our HR software aiding in protecting your company’s most valuable asset, your Human Capital.

Our human resource software makes viewing employee data simple and easy. There are custom search capabilities to aid in finding employee information and working on employee records. You can tailor the HR software by changing field names and search options. This can make the system easier to navigate and to use, maximizing the effectiveness of your time and other resources.

Integrated e-mail capabilities make communication with individual employees and employee groups quick and easy. With our human resource management system, you can send e-mails directly to employees from their demographic records. You can send reports by e-mail to selected groups, departments or the entire company.

With PerfectSoftware’s human resource software, you’ll be able to send Benefit Statements out to the entire company quickly and easily, vastly streamlining this traditionally cumbersome administrative process, and helping to make your benefits communications process more effective.

Responding to government requirements will be made easier with both online access and numerous reporting options for EEO, COBRA, OSHA, Workers Comp, ISO 9000, and much more. PerfectSoftware’s HR software will enable custom reports that can be saved for future use or modification.

Part of our human resource management system, PerfectHR provides interoperability with PerfectPayroll or any other payroll outsource provider. Interoperability provides real-time updating between HR and Payroll to ensure that your HR and Payroll departments are working with the most current and up-to-date employee data.

PerfectHR human resource software can truly aid the HR professional by combining bits of information to produce studies and analyses that help businesses define their future. With the system’s Reports and Tools you will be able to think, analyze and provide top management with significant facts and figures that will aid in running your business in an optimal and effective manner.

Features & Highlights

Comprehensive Demographic Information

PerfectHR maintains all employee data using or cutting edge employee management software. It is a system that is incredibly easy to set up and operate, significantly minimizing implementation time and resources as well as minimizing time spent for user training on employee benefit software. PerfectHR manages extensive employee information such as name, address, marital status, EEO information, W4 & I9 status, and employment status, benefits information, complete dependent information, compensation, performance reviews, payroll, training, Workers Comp and more. Our employee benefit software is the only employee management software your company will need.

Open Enrollment

Use our award-winning employee management software to create benefit plans that are accurate and easy to administer. Manage complex and diverse plans easily and effectively by setting up and tracking plan details, generating and e-mailing benefit letters and delivering detailed information into the hands of employees in a timely manner. PerfectHR’s employee benefit software communicates the benefit deduction information to payroll automatically saving you time, effort and potential costly mistakes.

Salary Reviews and Processing

Improve and standardize your salary review process with consistent methodology, scheduling and notification. Our human resource software can use logical analysis to support wage adjustment decisions. All of your communications with managers can be performed through e-mails which are automatically generated by the employee management software.

Workers Compensation

Complete employee tracking and reporting. Track attendance, claims, injuries and training to meet government reporting requirements.

New Hires

Free up staff time for more strategic purposes by using our job applicant tracking software and automate routine communications such as job applicant to new hire, automatic scheduling and notifications, and COBRA communications. Transform successful candidates into employee records in a single step, eliminating redundant data entry and resulting potential costly errors. Define organizational units to fit your business strategy and update positions and departments easily as they evolve. PerfectHR’s human resource software automates the entire “on-boarding” process eliminating time and resource consuming manual creations of repetitive forms and notifications.

Applicant Tracking

Match external and internal applicants to open positions and identify skill shortages with our applicant tracking software, enabling you to proactively train and hire for future business needs. Attach scanned resumes to candidate records, and dynamically search for skill sets.

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