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Get Help With Replacing Kronos TKC and Workforce

Kronos Replacement Program Provided by HRTP

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Are you thinking of replacing your Kronos system? Are you looking for options that are more suited to your organization?? We have some answers that will make you smile at the simplicity of replacing Kronos.

After upgrading and replacing Kronos systems over and over and over again we have created a program that simply spells out the options for the thousands of companies out there that are not being served by their Kronos time keeping systems but don't know what to do in this confusing market.

The Kronos Replacement Program has the following benefits...

  • Five National Solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Fixed cost implementation (and you will know what it is)
  • Kronos expertise in both the sales and conversion resources
  • No more upgrades...even implementation labor can be included in future upgrades!
  • No more proprietary clocks (commodity based pricing)
  • No "one size fits all products" - you will get and pay for only what you need


What does the process look like?

There are five steps in the process:

Conversation - tell us what you are trying to accomplish and see if this is the right process for you (this includes a price quote)

Needs Analysis - We will walk you through a document designed to discover the type of application you need.

Short list of Vendors and demos - you get to see the software working and ask questions about your unique situation.

Selection and Implementation - the vendor you pick will perform the implementation themselves (can be fixed fee)

You are a reference for TATP and your new Time and Attendance System.



Why do companies leave Kronos legacy systems


Old Systems - Kronos has no less than 6 systems out there and each has multiple variations...You don't have the right one!

The cost involved in getting the right one is "much higher than I thought it would be...we are a customer already!"

They are different or you are a different organization than you were when you last purchased Kronos

Kronos seems to be focused on over 1000 employee customers. They have a junior telemarketing force to handle the "small market"


These are real world reasons our clients have left Kronos. Kronos is a good vendor with a reputation as the founder of the automated Time & Attendance industry. Just like many of the companies that gain that status they make changes to remain profitable and focus on customers that can support their very large overhead (more than 3000 employees). We work with customers that believe that, though important, Timekeeping should be a straightforward technology at a manageable price with minimal risk.

You do not have to work with 4 or 5 sales people in this process. TATP facilitates the whole process and since we are not using sales people at each of the national vendors they (the selected vendor) pay us a finders fee and you pay us nothing. The product specialists at each vendor does conduct the demonstration.

To schedule the first step (a quick conversation and price quote) please click here

Why Choose T&A Technology Partners?
The founders of TATP have worked in the HR software industry for over 20 years each. As Executives and consultants for HRMS and T&A vendors including ADP, Best Software, Infinium Software, Simplex, Infotronics, Sage Software, and Kronos we found that each software fits a certain type of company with a certain set of needs.

Our vision was to offer a selection of the best T&A automation solutions in the industry so we could help you select the RIGHT ONE for your needs, instead of the one we are currently working with.

Get Help With Understanding your Time & Labor options today!

This guide offers helpful information about how to save time and eliminate mistakes while selecting your T&A Software or Labor Management Solution.

Why waste valuable time creating an RFP from scratch when we’ve done much of the work for you? Start building your requirements today with our free sample request for proposal (RFP).

If you have any specific questions about our Time System Kronos Replacement Program ,
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