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Problem: "We are a Payroll Service Bureau looking for Payroll, HR software, or Time and Attendance to help us serve our customers better. The internet has lots of ideas but can I trust them? Who are the players, how much do they cost, and how can they help us be more competitive?"

Solution: HRTP represents the three major players in this small but confusing space. With 20 years experience in the Payroll Service Bureau marketplace and CPP credentialed resources HRTP understands the competitive uniquenesses of the marketplace and which vendors are real.

There are several different types of business problems that we deal with every day.

  • I am a new Service Bureau looking for the right tools
  • I am an existing Service Bureau looking for better tools
  • I am happy with our Payroll engine but we need a complementary HRIS or Time and Attendance Application to defend against ADP etc.
  • We don't know what other application will work well with what we have and create a robust solution for the market
  • We want to move "up-market" and need access to the solutions that will enable us to be competitive there...

There are many questions that need to be answered when looking at these products and solutions that you may never know the answer to until you have made an investment and it is to late to reverse course. We know what these key factors are for each of the solutions and can be your advocate. Our intention is not to sell you a specific package but to get you into the right package with the right partner in the right business model.

Some of the things we know and keep track of in the industry are:

  • Are they doing business with my competitors?
  • Will they be in business (are they strong)
  • Does their software work with what we are using?
  • Do they offer the business model that fits into our strategy?
  • How competitve is their solution to the market?
  • I know what their website/sales person says but are they right for us?

Please call us or email us here and we will call you today to discuss what you are trying to accomplish and see if we can help.



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