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Are you evaluating Time and Attendance Software for your organization?

Why spend endless hours evaluating solutions, and hearing pitches from multiple vendors when you can get the right solution the first time with HR Technology Partners (HRTP)?

HRTP can help you select and integrate the right Time and Attendance Software for:

  • Reducing time preparing time sheets
  • Improving your workforce management
  • Minimizing payroll and benefit errors
  • Tracking and managing labor expense

Providing the leading Time and Attendance Software applications available today:

HRTP represents the leading Time and Attendancel software applications on the market today. We have been able to help companies select, purchase & implement the right solution based on a company’s requirements, budget and culture.

TimeStar Enterprise
Galaxy Technologies is a leading provider of Labor Management Software including Time & Attendance Tracking software, Employee Time Tracking, Abra Payroll Software, Abra Human Resource Software, and Labor Management Systems. Since 1998 Galaxy Technologies has been leading the charge in the Labor Management industry. TimeStar’s 100% web based technology brings both exceptional functionality and ease of deployment options for nearly any company looking for a comprehensive time and labor solution.

Unitime Systems provides time and attendance software solutions for medium to enterprise organizations in nearly every industry. A leading time and attendance software provider since 1993, Unitime Systems has helped more thousands of organizations enhance the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations. Unitime provides leading edge functional and technical capabilities that will accommodate even the most complex requirements at a price point that is extremely competitive in this segment of the industry.


Sage Timesheet
Sage Carp Diem 
Sage Time Slips

Sage Software offers PC and web-based time tracking and timesheet solutions that will simplify the entire process for employees, managers and payroll/HR professionals. Their Labor Management systems specialize in professional employees who need to track more than just their hours worked. If you are already using a Sage payroll/ accounting/ HR product then their Labor Management options could be a natural fit.  Sage has been a recognized leader in the HR/Payroll/Accounting industry for years with products such as Abra, MAS90, MAS500, Peachtree, Accpac, Timberline, and many others. Their experience has allowed Sage to provide business software solutions for thousands of businesses.




Qquest has been developing and selling the TimeForce product since 1994 and have carved out a strong niche in the time and attendance market with over 40,000 customers. Quality systems for the small and mid sized business at a low total cost of ownership is their specialty.


TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus has over 30,000 customers and has become a leading time and attendance provider for small and mid sized businesses since its inception in 1988. Consistently recognized as a Deloitte and Touche® Technology Fast 500 company, they have carved out a strong position in the Time and Attendance market with solutions that will benefit many organizations.


EBS (Employee Based Systems) specializes in enhancing the effectiveness of the Sage Software Abra Suite of products with innovative and value added benefits including their own Labor Management systems.
EZ-Track by Employee Based Systems
EZ-Track is Employee Based Systems' time collection, attendance tracking and employee scheduling software. With EZ-Track, managing labor costs just got easier.
EZ-Web Timesheet by Employee Based Systems
EZ-Web Time Sheet is ideal for employees who work remotely and have a varied schedule. These employees may be consultants, accountants, or people staffed out to different locations and different clients. They all have access to the Internet and they all need to enter not only their time and attendance data, but job costing information, project codes, etc.

Why Choose HR Technology Partners?
The founders of HRTP have worked in the HR software industry for over 20 years each. As Executives for HRMS and Payroll vendors including ADP, Best Software, Infinium Software, and Kronos we found that each software fits a certain type of company with a certain set of needs.

Our vision was to offer a selection of the best HR software solutions in the industry so we could help you select the RIGHT ONE for your needs, instead of the one we are currently working with.

Contact HR Technology Partners for help with:

  • Talking to a single source for information on multiple vendors
  • Justifying and funding your Time and Attendance project
  • Narrowing your list of vendors
  • Automating your businesses processes to save time
  • Saving weeks of evaluation time
  • Eliminating the risk of making costly mistakes

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