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You need to automate and streamline your labor-intensive payroll and approval processes. But your enterprise has highly complex time, pay schedule and attendance rules. Not only that, your business has a unique organizational structure, with workers in multiple locations and remote offices. Your decision makers also need "real-time" information to control labor costs effectively and manage productivity. And you haven't the time or resources to manage and distribute a complicated client/server based solution. What to do?


Take control of your workforce by managing employee labor data in real time.

TimeStar Enterprise™ is web-enabled, scalable, and highly configurable for even the most complex time & attendance rules and organizational schemes.

Your supervisors will use the Internet to monitor punch-ins & punch-outs as they happen — anytime and anywhere that they have access to a PC and the web.

They will make corrections, receive alerts, and run reports immediately. And you'll be empowered to make decisions for your enterprise as events are happening.

Could your organization benefit from an integrated workforce management software solution between HR, Timekeeping and Payroll? Galaxy Technologies and Best Software have teamed-up to deliver a comprehensive, web-based solution for the entire "Punch-to-Paycheck" workflow.

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